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All profits from sales on this site
(approximately 50%
of the purchase price)
are donated to the

Thank you all for your
continued support.

Five new designs added 27 May.
Click here to visit my studio.

Unscrupulous people
are breeding Irish Wolfhound puppies for profit.

If you care about this
magnificent  breed  please
only buy from a reputable breeder.

Click here to find out how.

All my designs, over a hundred  of them, are available as packs of four greeting cards, ten correspondence cards
and as limited edition prints. If you find yourself spoilt for choice, why not opt for a variety pack of greeting cards?

For details of quality and prices see the Product Information page; to shop visit the Studio page.   

I hope you will enjoy looking through my portraits and will find that special item
to make a perfect gift for a friend - or to treat yourself.

Ready to shop? Head for my Studio . . .

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