poem1 - Fine Art Pastels by Colleen

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My Dream  by Colleen Ellis

An Irish wolfhound came today
He looked at me then turned away
Back he came – O wondrous smile
I’d know that smile from half a mile

A single hound? – but we had three
This is what he said to me:
“I’m Berec, Warwick and Gandalf too
In your dreams we come to you.

We gave our hearts, that’s all we had
In happy times – sometimes sad
You gave us such a fun-filled life
Thro joyous times & those of strife

O’er heath and dale you watched us play
By our sides, you’d always stay
With heavy heart, you set us free
All thoughts for us and not for thee

Now live your life and see it through
On Rainbow Bridge we’ll wait for you”

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