Pageants - Fine Art Pastels by Colleen

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Michael and Berec
Colleen and Warwick

My husband, Michael, formed the medieval pageant group "The Knights of the Crusades" in 1978 after many years of Roman chariot racing and jousting on horseback with other groups.

For 25 years, together with six fighting knights, we performed all over England and Wales.
Gandalf and knights
Michael and Gandalf
We  re-enacted two stories "The Legend of King Arthur" and "Richard the Lionheart", and the three wolfhounds, Berec, Warwick and Gandalf became the show's mascots.

Introducing the wolfhounds as youngsters to the splendours of fighting knights, they soon became used to the clash of swords and shields, and to epic music and fanfares, taking it all in their stride and more often than not, stealing the show!

The audiences adored them and the hounds revelled in the roar of their applause.

Berec and knights
Colleen and Gandalf
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