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About Me

Gandalf with Colleen

Hello! I'm Colleen Ellis and my two loves are animals and art. Over the years I have obtained many commissions, and as word spread a wider circle of interest grew so that I constantly had a drawing on the go. An exhibition of my work followed, leading to more orders and I was able to sell some of my work on the Irish Wolfhound Club stall at Crufts.

I got to know Anne and Paul Vaudin and their glorious Irish wolfhounds. It was a single photograph of their Branigan that stole my heart and inspired me to paint for a worthwhile cause. Anne has designed and manages this website for me so that I can display my artwork. 

Through this outlet I aim to raise funds for the Irish Wolfhound Charitable Trust.  All the profits from the sale of my work (approximately 50% of the purchase price) are donated to this worthy cause. The magnificent Irish wolfhound, once owned only by royalty, is truly "The Hound of Kings and the King of Hounds".

I hope that you will enjoy looking at my portfolio.

Occasionally I get to meet one of my subjects in person -
though, like little Miss Alice O'Mara Vaudin here,
not all are keen to pose!
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